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About Lisa Blanchet Coaching and Consulting

I have spent most of my life working for mid-large sized organizations from telecommunications to insurance and financial services, food and beverage and transportation. In my early years as a leader, I was the one advocating for employees, speaking up to ensure they had the tools and leadership support they needed to succeed in their role during a change+. It wasn’t until 15 years ago that I found the world of change management and later change leadership. Imagine, the things I was naturally drawn to were actually part of a specific profession.

What I have learned since then is that while change management provides the structure and processes to manage change, to successfully introduce change that gets adopted by your employees, change leadership, personal capacity and an understanding the workplace culture are critical.

In 2016 I was introduced to a type of coaching I had not experienced in my various corporate roles. Working with a CTI trained coach truly changed my life. I began to understand who I was as a person and as a leader. I started dreaming, taking action, challenging my beliefs and believing in possibilities.

I started integrating coaching into my approach to change adoption because at the end of the day, change is personal and when change occurs leaders and employees alike are asked to change what they say, act or do. Understanding these shifts, internalizing what they need to do differently and then taking action are all critical parts of the adoption process that coaching supports.

My approach to change is both people-centric and outcome focused. I believe that when you help leaders and employees understand their change experience and give them the tools to navigate change you improve the workplace culture. And when you improve the workplace you change lives.

For me seeing a sustainable improvement in the workplace starts with:

  1. Supportively challenging leaders to own their experiences and to choose to lead from a place of curiosity, authenticity and courage.              
  2. Reducing overwhelm, stress and the fear of change for employees, helping them develop their change skills and personal approach to navigating change

As a certified change management practitioner, and certified coach that is trained in relationship systems (teams) coaching, I believe that there is no ta-da in transformation, that change happens one conversation, one decision and one action at a time.


My Vision

That everyone should experience the freedom that comes from feeling connected with who they are in every part of their life (personal and professional). The best way to achieve this vision is to inspire and guide leaders to create a workplaces where all employees are heard and seen and are able to bring all of their ideas and thoughts to the conversation.

My Values


What Clients Have to Say


It is truly an honour to be part of my clients change journey.

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