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Outcome-Focused, People-Centric Change

Change is messy because change involves human beings.

Organizational change is challenging. It is not a one-time event, and it doesn’t happen because you had an extraordinary meeting or sent out a couple of emails.

When you introduce change to your employees, as an organization, you need each employee to adopt the change. To start following the new process or using the new tool/application, or working together more collaboratively and innovatively.  You need your employees to adopt change because it’s the adoption and ownership of change that creates the desired results and outcomes.

Adopting change is a process. When introducing change within an organization, many leaders look at the change as “just something they expect their employees to learn. It’s their job” How an employee actually experiences change is quite different. For your employees to fully adopt a change, you are asking them to change how they work, think, and behave. You are also asking your employees to step outside their existing routine, change their habits, turn off auto-pilot, and reengage.
Relying solely on change management processes and tools will not get you the results you are looking for. Instead, successful change adoption requires the combination of:
  • Intentional Change Leadership 
  • Strategic Change Management
  • Appreciation of the leaders’ and employees’ Capacity
  • Understanding of the Organizational Context  

In a time where the pace of change is leaving many leaders and employees feeling overwhelmed, let’s connect to create an approach to change that reduces employee stress, engages your employees and gets results.

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You need an outcome-focused people-centric approach to change if you are:

Strategic Change Planning

Are you developing your business strategy?
Are you looking to implement a change that will require employees to say, act or do things differently?

With strategic change planning, I will partner with your team to provide people change expertise to understand the behaviours, ways of working, leadership alignment and roadblocks that will require intentional intervention for change to be adopted across your organization.

Each partnership is different and is based on your team or organization’s needs, culture and desired outcomes. As a workplace change consultant and certified coach, I know that realizing the outcomes and benefits of change are critical to achieving your company’s goals and objectives.

While the primary goal of our partnership is to focus on change adoption, I will work with your team to build their change skills and knowledge as we go.

Benefits of including the people side of change:

Outcome Focused Results

Clearly defined outcomes, qualitative and quantitative. Measures of success are clear.

Reduced Disruption

Minimize the impact to your current business while the change is being introduced and adopted.

Improve Employee Retention

Reduce costs from hiring and training new team members.

Reduce Employee Stress and Overwhelm

Involving employees in the change, helping employees understand what is changing.

Support your desired culture

Change can impact your culture. Be intentional about how it is impacted.

Change Adoption Assessment

Frustrated because a change was introduced and it just isn’t sticking?
Did you make a significant investment in training but the behaviours of your employees haven’t changed?
You communicated to your employees but participation is low.

Do you want to understand why you aren’t seeing your ROI on this change initiative?

The Change Adoption Assessment will identify the root cause and provide insights that can be leveraged across your organization. The Change Adoption Assessment is a 3-step process:



Will focus on identifying and understanding how the change was initially introduced, who the impacted stakeholders are and what the expected and actual results were.


Stakeholder Landscape & Interviews

In this step, I will interview the stakeholders we identified as key influencers or highly impacted by the change. During these interviews I am intentional about creating a safe space for leaders and employees to share their perspective, concerns and opportunities.


Analysis & Recommendations

Stakeholder insights are analyzed and the root cause(s) identified. Based on the insights and root cause analysis, recommendations and a path forward are provided for both the current initiative and future initiatives.

Workplace Consulting Services:

Before you introduce a change, you may need support to determine your overall approach, what specifically needs to change to address your challenges or guidance in prioritizing your resources.

As a Workplace Change Consultant and Certified Coach I can help. I am available to support you with:

  • Strategic planning
  • Workshop and meeting facilitation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Leadership alignment
  • Team building


With 67% of change efforts failing to deliver the expected results, the financial costs and cultural impacts can be substantial.

How you introduce change matters. 

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