Navigating Change
In the Workplace

I collaborate with leaders and teams to build change capabilities
and implement change that gets results

Navigating Change
In the Workplace

I work with leaders and teams to make
lasting change and build an empowered workplace

People Focused Change

Change is messy because change involves human beings. In an organization, the employees and leaders are expected to change the way they work, their behaviours and their habits, all of which are very personal. Successfully introducing change and making it stick takes both a solid working product that meets the needs of your customer and a focus on the people (your employees) side of change. To support your employees through change requires an intentional focus on Change Leadership, Change Management and your workplace culture or "the way things get done around here”.

In a time where the pace of change is leaving many leaders and employees feeling overwhelmed let's connect to create an approach to change that increases your employees resilience and adaptability.

Strategic Change Planning

Are you working on your current business strategy? Looking to implement a change that will require your employees to say, act or do things differently?

With strategic change planning I will partner with the team developing your strategy or technical/process change to provide people change expertise, to understand the behaviours, ways of working, leadership alignment and roadblocks that will require intentional intervention for change adoption across your organization.

Each partnership is different and is based on the needs, culture and desired outcomes of your organization. As a consultant and coach I know that realizing the outcomes and benefits of a change are critical to attaining your company’s goals and objectives.

Benefits of including the people side of change:

Outcome Focused Results
Clearly defined and aligned measure of success
Employee Involvement
Understanding what’s changing for teams across the organization
Early Stakeholder Engagement
Engaging leaders impacted by or influencing the outcome
Change Readiness
Understanding current state to determine required readiness for employees and leaders

Change Leadership

Change leadership integrates the structure and process of change management with an inspiring vision, employee empowerment and involvement in change, ownership of their personal resiliency and the ability to gain commitment across key stakeholders.

Leading change takes both change management and change leadership. Since change is personal and happens one person at a time, leadership is critical to addressing employee concerns and beliefs and shifting their behaviours and mindset. Change leadership is at the centre of creating a resilient and empowered workplace.

Aligned with your strategy and tailored to your company's culture I will meet you where you are and support the development of change leaders across your company.
Discover your strengths and identify gaps in realizing the desired benefits
Assess overall change capacity and perspectives on change in your organization
Take Action
Take action to execute interventions that increase ability to realize change outcomes
Measure and reflect on what worked to include in the sustainment approach and pivot as required

Building Successful Teams When Change Occurs

When a team is working well together, it is a beautiful thing to witness. When a team isn’t, there can be very real impacts to productivity, morale and your employees sense of belonging, community and commitment. An organizational change will often impact the team dynamic and effectiveness if a new leader is introduced, if even one member of the team changes or new roles or scope are added to the team or there are changes to where and how the team works.

When change occurs teams need space to come together, to understand what they are working towards, create connections and share what matters to each member of the team.

The Building Successful Teams through Change Program
will provide participants with:

✓ Alignment on team goals, values and measures of success
✓ A simple way to understand the different change response styles
✓ Appreciation for how members of their team respond to change and how the team can support each other and navigate change together
✓ Intentional opportunity to acknowledge what has changed and understand what is required for team and personal success
✓ Co-create team norms or ways of working that support the development of an empowered team

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