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October 7, 2020

October 6, 2020Change - It Isn't Rinse and Repeat

At a networking event earlier this year I had the opportunity to meet a number of people that were early in their Change Management careers. I heard a common theme during the night. Given my many years of experience in change could I simply apply the same change plan to another similar organization?

My short answer was No, but I can take my experiences and observations and apply them to another organization. The thing is that no two organizations are the same, even if they are in the same industry and even if they are aspiring to the same goals. Each organization is made up of people, and those people will all react to change and what is being asked of them in a different way. Each organization will have a different experience with how change has been introduced. 

In addition, the two organizations may be trying to get to a similar place but they are not starting in the same place. When you are considering how to best support people through change you have to understand where they are coming from, what their current state is, what’s most important to them, how their individual, team and organizations history have impacted where they are today. Since all of this is very different for each organization the change management journey is also very different. 

The objective of Change Management and Change Leadership is to realize the expected business results and outcomes. It is creating space for employees to adopt new habits, behaviours and beliefs, ones that last long after launch day. 

So before digging in and building a change plan, the outcomes and expected results must be clear. The outcomes should be a combination of the ROI or KPI’s from the business case and the skills, capabilities and mindset that the organization will need to develop, to sustain the expected results.  

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