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March 17, 2021

March 16. 2021Creating your Big Beautiful Tomorrow

Do you have a picture of your future? Do you want to create a vision for your future? When I think about my vision, I think of it as both an image and as a feeling, of what will be in my life. I call it my Big Beautiful Tomorrow (my BBT).

And yes, you will need to take action to realize your vision but for now let’s focus on creating your Big Beautiful Tomorrow.

Why does your Big Beautiful Tomorrow matter?

For me, my Big Beautiful Tomorrow is my north star, it’s my motivation to keep going when things are hard. For many years I let life happen to me, going through the motions of each day. I didn’t think much about my future or if I did, it was only as a passing thought. Too often  a voice in my head would tell me “that’s not going to happen or stop dreaming”.

Creating a vision for my life, has helped to create a sense of knowing, a connection to what matters most to me. On the hard days, or when there is a tough decision to make I can close my eyes and be reminded of my Big Beautiful Tomorrow. 

How can you create your big beautiful tomorrow?

  1. Make time for you – the time might be 30 minutes every morning, or maybe it’s a couple hours on Saturday morning. Try a couple different things. What matters is creating space for You. Know that creating your big beautiful tomorrow takes time, don’t rush it.
  2. Clear your mind  – the worries of today will always be there, but this is your time to dream about your tomorrow. Acknowledge the worries of today and let them go.
  3. Ask yourself – “If my life could be as good as it gets, (consider every aspect of your life) what would be in it? Let your mind wander, get curious about what comes up. Make a few notes as your mind wanders.
  4. Repeat steps 1 – 3 – for a couple weeks and remember you are creating your Big Beautiful Tomorrow. Let your biggest dreams in. Speak your possibilities.
  5. Capture what you see and feel – As you repeat the process the picture of your tomorrow will become clearer. Write down what you see when you close your eyes. The sights, sounds, smells. Capture as much detail as you can.
  6. Display your Big Beautiful Tomorrow (BBT) – Find somewhere to display the description or picture of your BBT. Maybe it’s on your bathroom mirror, your fridge or the wallpaper on your phone. Display it somewhere that keeps it top of mind. Your BBT is still new. Your mind needs time to soak it in and start internalizing the actions required to live your BBT.

Please remember:

You are worth the time. Give yourself permission to dream about your Big Beautiful Tomorrow. Creating your Big Beautiful Tomorrow is only the first step, but it’s the most important.


Start now, your future self will thank you

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