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April 13, 2021

April 12. 2021Creating your Change Story

Have you ever been part of a change in your organization and found yourself unsure as to who was leading the change or wondering why a stakeholder group wasn’t involved in the project or maybe it wasn’t clear what success was supposed to look like. All of these challenges can be addressed by creating a Change Story.

In its simplest form a Change Story answers the foundational questions related to the change (who, what, when, why, where and how) and ensures stakeholders share a common understanding. 

Strategically, the Change Story identifies where additional clarity is required, creates key communication and engagement messages and highlights where organizational alignment is required for change adoption. 

To build your Change Story consider starting with these questions: 

  • Why is this change necessary? 
  • What does success look like and What’s changing?
  • Who is impacted by the change and Who should lead the change?
  • When will each employee group experience change?
  • Where are the employees located that are impacted by the change?
  • How will the organization get through the change?

Interested in learning more about creating your Change Story?

Keep in mind:

  • Drafting the Change Story is a team activity. It requires input from the change leader and the project team. 
  • Creating the Change Story is an iterative process to ensure the right level of detail is available and relevant for each team.
  • Start with the first chapter of your Change Story and build a new chapter for each stakeholder group or phase of the change.
  • You can leverage the Change Story process in your personal life too

Reach out today or book a company consultation. We will work together to create a clear Change Story that will be the foundation for the successful introduction and adoption of your next change initiative.  

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