Navigating Change is an

Essential Skill for All Employees

Develop your skills to navigate change and learn to introduce change that is adopted and gets results

Consider that just about everything your team produces

creates change for the employees in your organization

But here’s the thing:

  • Change is messy because it requires the human beings in your organization to change their behaviours, habits and how they work, all of which are very personal.
  • In a time where the pace of change is leaving many leaders and employees feeling overwhelmed learning how to navigate change has become an essential leadership and life skill.

Successfully navigating change in your organization will:

✓ Reduce employee stress and overwhelm

✓ Reduce risk and disruption of your current business (productivity etc.)

✓ Improve employee retention 

✓ Reduce negative customer

✓ impacts and impact to company’s reputation 

✓ Support the culture you want for your organization

✓ Increase the likelihood of realizing the expected outcome/benefit

✓ Strengthen your leadership skills  – ability to lead change in a team or your organization


Step 1

Change Check-in

Step 2

Change Workshops 

Step 3

Customized Navigating Change Program


Change Check-in

We start with a 1-hour complimentary online session that allows me to get to know you and your team. It’s an opportunity to learn about your goals, your change challenges, the group’s previous experience with change and what you would consider success from working together. You will also have the opportunity to get to know me and my approach to change.

Let’s schedule a change check-in and co-create a plan that delivers your desired results.


Change Workshops – Interactive, Fun and Practical

Support your team and help them develop the essential skills to navigate change.

Almost everything you do in life or work results in change for you and those around you. Understanding the core change principles and how your team members internalize change will create the foundation for leading and managing change.

Don’t see what you are looking for, book a change check-in, and we will create a workshop that meets your needs.

Change Fundamentals

An interactive session where participants will develop an awareness of the fundamentals of change focusing on exploring the change journey and how an individual and a leader will each experience change. Participants will also be introduced to the Change Story, a simple and effective tool to clarify what’s changing and engage stakeholders that can be put into practice immediately in both their professional and personal lives.

Experiencing Change as a Team

When a team is working well together, it is a beautiful thing to witness. When a team isn’t, there can be very real impacts to productivity, morale and your employees sense of belonging, community and commitment. An organizational change will often impact the team dynamic and effectiveness if a new leader is introduced, if even one member of the team changes or new roles or scope are added to the team or there are changes to where and how the team works.

When change occurs teams need space to come together, to understand what they are working towards, create connections and share what matters to each member of the team.

Think Change Adoption

This objective for any change is to have employees adopt the change. This workshop focuses on the 8 areas to consider when introducing change. From creating defining a success picture that is understood by your team and learning how to effectively engage and involve your stakeholders to executing a change communications plan and supporting your team through the change journey. Participants will experience several a-ha moments and leave the workshop with practical tools that can applied right away.

The Navigating Change Program is customized to support you and your team in reaching your learning and development goals.  This program combines multiple change workshops with a series of individual or team coaching sessions.

The workshop series aims to develop an understanding of the critical change tools and attitudes required to introduce people-centric change that will involve employees and leaders, positively impact culture, and build resilience and trust while achieving the desired outcomes.

The coaching sessions are designed to reinforce the learning and support participants as they begin applying the learnings in real time with their stakeholders. Since people are at the center of change adoption and no two people are alike, the coaching sessions allow participants to share real-life scenarios and receive feedback and guidance that will increase their confidence in navigating and leading change while creating a lived experience.

Start your journey today to develop the essential skills to successfully navigate change at work and at home.

Learning to navigate change will help reduce employee stress and overwhelm while increasing the likelihood of realizing the expected outcomes of each change.