Leadership is the result of the lifelong process of self-discovery

Hey there, yes you!

If someone was looking at your life and checking boxes you’re doing pretty darn good, I mean you have a good career, cozy home, fabulous family and friends. How can you complain about your life? Yet when you are honest with yourself, you know that something needs to change,

I see you, you’re very busy being fine

You excel at keeping everything and everyone together, and then going through the motions, letting life happen to you.

I hear you, you’re tired

Tired of being the one that everyone leans on, the one that is supposed to have it all together.

I know you, praised for being the ‘responsible one’

You cringe when you hear those words. You’re frustrated, lonely, and a little pissed off.

This was me most of my life I completely understand how you are feeling.

My inner voices and the stories I told myself that I wasn’t enough were strong. I was in denial that I was a perfectionist. I didn’t think I could ask for help or share how I was really feeling inside and I definitely didn’t think I could say no to the things I really didn’t want to do. I didn’t want to upset anyone. It was in a vicious circle.

In my gut, I knew I wanted to lead a life that made me smile. I wanted to be a better leader at work and in life. I wanted to be intentional about what I did and didn’t do. I wanted to be the kind of leader that empowered their team and created a space for each team member to thrive.

In working with a coach, I have learned that I can live my possibilities by challenging my beliefs, rewriting my stories, and quieting those negative voices in my head. I can be the human being and the leader I want to be. It would be my honour to guide you in your leadership journey.

Imagine Feeling Like This:


Going after what you really want, unapologetically. Standing up for what you believe in.

Self Aware

Knowing your values, needs, habits and emotions and how they impact your choices and others actions.


Creating and authentic and caring connection with yourself and others. Creating space for you and your team to grow.


Believing in yourself and others, lead by example and create a positive and motivating experience for others.

Why Work With Me?

I started working one-on-one with leaders because after having been a leader in Corporate Canada for more than 20 years, I wanted every leader to enjoy being a people leader and to thrive as a kick-ass leader.  I am here to support you in being the leader you want to be at work and in life. Creating a safe space for you to explore and be honest with yourself is one of my superpowers.
As a coach I am a thought provoking partner and guide that supports my clients by:

✓ discovering their passions and maximizing their potential through self-awareness and the creation of new beliefs and habits
✓ identifying and prioritizing their meaningful goals to support their happiness
✓ finding balance across their life (work, family, finances, love, friends, personal development and self-care)
✓ getting them through a difficult experience in their life
✓ creating awareness and building skills to lead change in your personal and work life

True leadership originates from within, Are you ready to grow as a leader and live intentionally?  

Curious about how we would work together?


A deep dive about you, exploring what’s working, what isn’t and what you want most as a leader in life and at work.


Explore your goals, beliefs, and mindset. Shift perspectives and stories to support your success.

Take Action

From your first steps, to practicing new habits or taking a leap closer to the outcomes you want most.


The changes you made happen, pause to acknowledge your growth and lessons learnt from becoming a kick-ass leader.

Are you READY to work together?

You are ready to work with me if you answer Yes to:
I am willing to embark on a journey of self-discovery with me as your guide
I understand that coaching is a process, with change happening over time
I am ready to invest in myself, making time for Me
I am willing to try something new, even if it makes me a little uncomfortable
I am ready to be a kick-ass leader
This is a partnership, we are in this together!

Is Change Management

a skill you want to build?

15 years Experience | People-Centric Change | Real Results

Are you new to Change Management?
Recently certified and looking for support to apply what you have learned?
Looking for a thought partner to help you build a people focused approach to change?

Change Management Coaching is a partnership that helps you identify your current change management strengths and further develop your skills and insights to enable workplace change. The program has been designed for change practitioners, project managers, communication and learning professionals, and others tasked with introducing organizational change.

Once we cover the fundaments of change, you and your priorities will drive where we go next. Common areas covered in coaching include working with your sponsor, defining the change, change communications, stakeholder and impact assessments, shifting employee behaviours and mindset, structuring a change network and more.

As a Change Management professional with more than 15 years’ experience and a certified coach (CPCC), I bring my curiosity, outcome focus, and experience with just about every kind of change to each of our sessions. 

What you will experience:

✓ Learning the fundamental change principles
✓ An opportunity to bring an existing change challenge to the session
✓ Tailored focus on the areas you wish to develop
✓ Knowledge shared from previous real-world change experiences
✓ A safe space to focus on “how” you will approach each change activity

If you are ready to up your game and build your change management skills:

If you are looking for a Change Management training program or
Change Consulting support for your organization please visit the following:

Change Leadership


Leadership is the result of the lifelong process of self-discovery

Change leadership integrates the structure and process of change management with an inspiring vision, employee empowerment and involvement in change, ownership of their personal resiliency and the ability to gain commitment across key stakeholders.

Leading change takes both change management and change leadership. Since change is personal and happens one person at a time, leadership is critical to addressing employee concerns and beliefs and shifting their behaviours and mindset. Change leadership is at the centre of creating a resilient and empowered workplace.

Aligned with your strategy and tailored to your company’s culture I will meet you where you are and support the development of change leaders across your company.

Change Leadership Image


Discover your strengths and identify gaps in realizing the desired benefits


Assess overall change capacity and perspectives on change in your organization

Take Action

Take action to execute interventions that increase ability to realize change outcomes


Measure and reflect on what worked to include in the sustainment approach and pivot as required

Where should we send your Change Story Workbook?