Change Experience

An immersive learning experience to help you navigate change with confidence and:

Are you part of one of these teams?

If you are, you have likely introduced a new product, process or way of doing things.

Ever wondered why what seems like a simple update to a process or application wasn’t so simple once it was introduced to your employees?

Have you ever been frustrated because those you work with didn’t start using the new process or tool you created?

Does this sound familiar? You told the team about the new process more than once.You brought the team together in a meeting to show them the new process; you even emailed them a copy of the new approach.

Yet, the process wasn’t adopted.

Navigating Change is now an Essential Life and Leadership Skill

The pace of change can feel overwhelming. Between the changes at work, home and in society, it can be challenging to know where to start.

At work,  your customers’ and employees’ expectations have changed.

As a leader, you are trying to find your place in the new world of work. 

Introducing change without a focus on the people can have significant financial and cultural impacts.

Now more than ever, your employees need the skills to navigate and introduce change that delivers results.

Hi! Nice to meet you.

I am Lisa Blanchet.

Your Coach, Mentor and workplace change expert.

Just Imagine

  • Feeling confident when you are executing a project, that you have the skills and tools to support employees in adopting each change
  • Trusting yourself and your team’s ability to engage and influence stakeholders 
  • Experiencing less stress as project deadlines approach 
  • Having a partner to reach out to, to guide you in solving your real-life challenges
  • Introducing a change and having your employees prepared to start doing something new
  • Gifting your team with the skills they need to thrive personally and professionally 

74% of business leaders believe that “building new skills is the most critical part of rebuilding organizations post- COVID-19.

Statistics further show that 48% of leaders identified building change management skills as a priority for 2022

Welcome to the Navigating Change Experience

A 6-month immersive learning experience tailored to your business that gets results

What’s included in your Navigating Change Experience?

Change Planning Session

Our first 90-minute call will lay the groundwork for an immersive experience to help you and your team develop the skills to navigate and introduce change that supports the results your business needs.

Navigating Change Roadmap

The Navigating Change Roadmap will allow us to set clear outcomes and expectations that we will leverage throughout our partnership.

6 Interactive Change Workshops

  1. Change Fundamentals – We take a step back to learn about the fundamentals of change as an everyday experience.
  2. Navigating Change Model – An introduction to the 4 parts of the Navigating Change model and the art and science of navigating change. 
  3. Organizational Context and Capacity – Who your organization is today and how they have experienced change in the past matters. This workshop looks at both as part of the Navigating Change model.
  4. The Skills and Attitudes to Lead Change – This workshop focusing on the skills and attitudes you need as a change leader to successfully engage your peers, involve employees, and process the change for yourself.
  5. Change Management 101 – From change models to tools and templates. This workshop introduces participants to the science of change. 
  6. Bringing it all Together – For change to become the new norm, the related behaviours, habits and beliefs need to be reinforced by an employee’s leader. This session focuses on applying the 4 parts of the Navigating Change model throughout the change adoption journey. 

Workshops will be tailored and facilitated based on your business goals and current change activities

6 Months of Mentoring and Consulting
(8 sessions)

Tactical, practical and access to answers and best practices is what you can expect during these sessions. 

4 hours of One-on-One Leadership Coaching

Designed for the leader to provide support as they guide their team in implementing the learnings from the Navigating Change Experience. 


Your Navigating Change Experience includes the ability to send me an email and get your concern addressed in between sessions.

The Navigating Change experience is like having a trusted and experienced partner to support you and your team. No matter what challenge you are faced with, you have someone to help you figure it out.

More than 40% of leaders have identified building Change Management skills as a priority for 2022

Your Next Step

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Navigating Change Experience

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